• Areas of Interest
  • Opportunities
  • Candidates
  • selection process
  • Recruitment

Step 1  Define areas of interest

edição areas of interesse

Selecting areas of interest

Log in to select the areas of interest to define the automatic suggestions of places or candidates.

After selecting areas of interest, click on the 'Confirm data' for this information to be visible on your public profile.

Personal Referral Corner

Changing areas of interest

The user may at any time change the selected areas through the 'Edit areas of interst' button and should keep this field to date.


Step 2  Opportunities

Referral Coupon Link

Opportunity information

To add a new opportunity, the company representative must click 'Register new position' at the panel 'Company posted positions' and fill in the form fields will the oportunity informations.

Social Sharing Buttons

Positions posted

The posted positions will be displayed on the panel 'Opportunities' at scholar private page according to areas of interest. To look for other positions click the 'See more' button.


Step 3  Applicants

Coupon Landing Page

How to find candidates

Candidates will be displayed on the homepage of the company according to your area of interest. To access the search page detailed candidates, click the 'See more' button. Is it possible to search for possible candidates by name, course or any information contained in Lattes student.


How to apply for positions

To view details just click on the position title. After reading the description and details of the offer, the student can provide your application by clicking 'Apply'.


Step 4  Selection Process


Inviting candidates

The company can invite students to participate in the selective process by clicking the button 'Invite'. In the form that opens, select the position and complete the information. The student will receive an email and may accept or decline the invitation.


Contact the candidate

The company will contact the candidates participating in the selection process via email or schedule a videoconference.


Step 5  Recruitment

Reward Email


If the candidate has passed the selection process, click on the 'Hire' to confirm the scholar position st the company. The selection process can be terminated at any time by both parties through the button 'Unlink pos'.


Reward Preferences


The hired scholar and fellows profiles will appear in the panel 'Engaged' on the company's public page.